Investing in Natural Capital.

We leverage the carbon and biodiversity markets to achieve positive returns for the planet and our partners.

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About Us

For a world where natural preservation and restoration is worth more than its depletion and exhaustion.

The failure to price externalities correctly creates financial incentives to gravely overuse natural ecosystems and heavily underinvest in their flourishing.

Walden leverages the ecosystem service markets to change this script. We invest and co-develop high-impact nature-based projects that sequester carbon, safeguard biodiversity, empower local communities and create lasting value for capital partners.

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Our Approach

Grounded in Nature, Enabled by Technology.

Walden combines technology-supported project appraisal, tailored financial structuring and hands-on project management to maximise value creation.



We source the highest-impact nature-based projects through our extensive ‘search network’ that includes local and international NGOs, development agencies, regional and national government contacts, timber and agriculture companies and carbon consultants.



Our projects undergo a rigorous due diligence process that assesses their environmental, commercial and social qualities. Walden's assessment is conducted with the support of technical consultants, legal counsel, operating experts and proprietary technology.



Our financing is tailored to suit each project’s specifications and every partner’s requirements. We take an active approach to risk management, through bespoke structuring measures, coverages and off-take contracts.



We co-develop projects with experienced operating partners that are able to navigate local markets and dynamics. Through the application of technology, we can provide transparency into every project’s status and progress.

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Join us on the path to a nature and climate resilient future.

Walden’s solutions span across the value chain of natural capital projects. Get in touch to learn more.

Operating Partners

We help match your local and operating expertise with capital to accelerate project development and scale your impact.

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Capital Partners

We offer investment opportunities into the highest-integrity natural projects, tailored to meet your risk and return ambitions.

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Corporate Partners

We support your offsetting needs through project co-investment opportunities, offtake agreements and direct credit purchases.

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